Keynote Speaker
on Cybersecurity

Tom Kirkham

Tom’s new book – Hack the Rich – is LIVE! 

Imagine discovering that your customer information has been stolen and is being held for ransom.


Tom Kirkham, founder and CEO of Kirkham IronTech, provides cybersecurity defense systems and focuses on educating and encouraging organizations to establish a security-first environment with cybersecurity training programs for all workers to prevent successful attacks.

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Kirkham is an expert on the attack vectors and methods that are constantly changing. He teaches organizations how to recognize the latest cons and scams by using real-world simulations to educate users and track progress.




Tom Kirkham, founder and CEO of Kirkham IronTech, focuses on educating and entertaining companies on the dangers associated with cybersecurity.


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High-net-worth individuals
are a walking target
for cyber criminals.

Hack the Rich by Tom Kirkham provides you with the ten classic mistakes made by high-profile, high-net-worth individuals that give hackers total control over privacy, confidentiality, and cash. Only you can decide whether it’s a priority for you and learn how to start protecting yourself now.


Available Now – Get the #1 Best Seller!

Protecting yourself from
the coming worldwide
cyber war.

As COVID has shown us, humans can spread viruses worldwide to billions of people in just a few weeks. While that’s alarming, here’s what’s even scarier: computers can spread viruses globally with minutes.

Always Pleased

“Tom has done several webinars for our organization, and I’m always pleased with his professionalism and the information he presents.”

Approachable & Welcoming

“Tom has presented, alongside attorney panelists, several Continuing Legal Education seminars that he’s developed for our mid-sized bar association. His approachable presentation manner is welcomed considering the depth and fast-changing pace of the important material he presents.”

Tom is Dynamic

“I’ve scheduled Tom Kirkham for several virtual workshops and each of them have been informative and easy to watch. Tom is dynamic and engages his audience even in a virtual situation, which is a tough task! He’s also very knowledgeable about cybersecurity and presents his information as a concerned person. I always get great reviews from the attendees after Tom’s presentations.”

Excellent Presenter

“Tom is an excellent presenter and deeply knowledgeable about this material. He also conveys trust and confidence in showing us how to understand and protect our computer systems.”

knows his subject

“He’s a very “Texas” guy in the best sense of the word – competent, knows his subject, no BS, droll, understated and entertaining. Good program.”

An Engaging Speaker

Tom Kirkham is an engaging speaker who provides valuable information to each attendee. I would recommend Tom to any organization that is interested in promoting cybersecurity awareness to their members.

Awesome Presentation!

That was an awesome presentation! I attend a lot and this one was actually captivating! Great presenter.

Professional & Prepared

Tom was professional and prepared. We had no issues with him setting up for the event. Our members enjoyed his session and he received excellent marks in knowledge and presentation with very good marks in engagement. A few of our members mentioned that they would be utilizing some of the advice/steps he presented.

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